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Automatic Vacuum Sealed Container/Quick Food Marinator
Fresh Sealer Automatic Vacuum Sealed Container Product Name:
Fresh SealerTM
First retail availability: March 2009
Suggested Retail Price: $69.95

Media Downloads:
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For storing all dry foods such as breads, pastries, potato chips, crackers, cereals, and more Quick food marinator
What it is:
Fresh Sealer™ prolongs breads, pastries, chips, crackers, cereals and more freshness up to 4 times longer. It is also a quick food marinator. Since Fresh Sealer quickly pumps air out, allowing foods' pores and fibers to stretch and expand while marinade gets pulled deeper into the core and better than overnight soak marination. You can marinate meats/foods in minutes instead of hours under vacuum stage.

How it works:
As soon as you lock the container, the built-in pump starts automatically to suck the air out from the container to protect the contents. A red light indicates vacuuming in progress, and the vacuum sensor automatically stops the pump when the perfect pressure is achieved. It will automatically maintain the vacuum pressure in the container at all times. When it detects the pressure is lower than the preset vacuum state (160mbar), the pump will start again automatically. To open, simply unlock the buckle. It is also a dehumidifier that is perfect for storing cameras, films, and other precious articles to keep them dry. AC adaptor included. Optional battery power requires 4 D batteries, not included.

Who Cares?
Consumers who are looking for a better way to store foods longer and marinate foods faster.

Why bother?
Other vacuum food sealers on the market require to purchase special bags or keep pumping the air out manually.

  • Automatic pressure sensor control
  • Pump starts automatic as soon as lid closed
  • No need to buy food storage bags
  • Keep foods fresh longer
  • Includes removeable tray for each cleaning
  • Date dial to keep track of foods' expiration
  • Powered by AC adaptor or 4 D size batteries
  • Includes AC Adaptor
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